Access your medical records at any time.

HIPAA compliant, secure retrieval, consolidation and digital storage of your medical records. Online access, uploads and downloads of all medical documents from any device using your own secure link connected to your personal email.


Or, just carry them with you.


Carry your healthcare information in a portable ready to use USB wristband or rescue card at all times. Rescue Discs can be securely given to others without worry. In addition, Medical records can be printed and organized in chronological order with a patient profile and tabs organized by categories of your choice.


Request and retrieval of medical records

We can send and request records from any medical facility. Don’t worry about the stress of keeping up with all of your records. ULM can convert any paper document to electronic form: basic demographics, insurance, advanced directives (PoA, living will, do not resuscitate orders, etc.), medical equipment service agreements, records from all doctors/facilities, emergency contacts, special instructions, or anything healthcare related.


Unlimited space to access, upload, download, and share your records 

Online Access – Microsoft One Drive via Sharepoint–(Requires subscription and an e-mail account). Access, upload, download, or print all medical documents from any PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device on your own secure account linked to your personal e-mail address. All paper records backed up in secure online storage as well as traditional file cabinet storage in case of loss of all electronic records.

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Encrypted, protected, and backed up by Microsoft’s own HIPAA compliant server

Microsoft One Drive via Sharepoint is designed to meet health requirements for patient-centered collaboration, user productivity, robust security, and adherence to privacy regulations such as HIPAA. HIPAA and the HITECH Act are U.S. federal laws that apply to healthcare companies, including most doctors’ offices, hospitals, and health insurers. They establish requirements for the use, disclosure and safeguarding of individually identifiable health information. 

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Change and control your account to maintain your records 

Login and retrieve your patient profile records from any place that has internet access. We will upload and organize your documents for you when we receive them. You can still manually upload, download, send, receive, and delete as you wish. Change and control your account to maintain your records however you see fit.

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